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Feng Shui Consulting Services Philippines by Huang Si Rong

Our clients deserve the best services. This is why we offer authentic feng shui services from our principal feng shui consultant.

Mr. Huang Si Rong(黄思荣) grew up in a Chinese family with a Feng Shui background. At a young age, the power of positive and negative energy and how best to influence them made him curious.

His passion has led him to study under some of the most legendary Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

Applying his attained high-level competencies, Mr. Si Rong is now a successful investor. For over a decade, he takes pride in utilizing his expertise in Chinese metaphysics. It played a vital role in his success in investments and business ventures.

And now, even you can get an exclusive Feng Shui consultation from him.

Let Mr. Si Rong help you attract opportunities to enhance your wealth, health and happiness in your new property.

Feng Shui has become a mainstream word yet not all are able to fully grasp how it actually impacts our surroundings and daily lives. This is why I am compelled to share the roots of Feng Shui and how it works.

Most people underestimate the life-changing influence of Feng Shui over them. On the other hand, others overestimate it not knowing that there are also other factors at play. In fact, Feng Shui is only a third of the equation. If a Feng shui consultant fails to discuss this with you, then you lack proper guidance.

Chinese metaphysics revolves around Cosmic Trinity: Heaven, Earth, and Man. Heaven Luck refers to your destiny. The Earth Luck is Feng Shui and Man Luck refers to your free will and decisions made on a daily basis.

These three forms of luck determine the overall well-being a person experiences in life. Feng Shui is commonly used to compliment Heaven Luck while passion and motivation are also needed to gain prosperity. This means balancing these three Lucks is, without a doubt, the key to success, wealth, health, or happiness.

The common phrase tian shi di li ren he (天时地利人和) originate from and is commonly used as a reason or answer whenever we see someone being successful. It depicts that everything in the universe simply falls at his feet. It basically means “The Time, Place and People Are Harmonious”. It covers everything on the road to success. It requires destiny to be on the right side of time and opportunity, environment advantage through good Qi(energy), and people living in harmony and unity.

Qi (pronounced as Chi) is the energy. This is the life force that powers everything. Thus, it is called “the breath of cosmic life” in ancient times. Needless to say, without Qi, there is no life.

Feng Shui is the art of determining the flow of Qi and how we can enhance its flow in ourselves, homes, offices, and our environment.

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