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Feng Shui serves to create synergies that attract opportunities conducive to enhancing your wealth, health and happiness.

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Daryl Huang

A Feng Shui Destiny Consultant who embarked on his journey in Chinese metaphysics at a young age to pursue the mastery of Chinese metaphysics. Under the tutelage of legendary Feng Shui masters from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, he honed his high-level competencies in this ancient wisdom.

Huang takes pride in utilizing his expertise in Chinese metaphysics for over a decade, which has played a vital role in his success in investments and business ventures. In his free time, he serves as Property Online Asia Inc.'s principal consultant, specializing in Destiny and Feng Shui consultation.

Driven by his deep passion for knowledge, Huang researches and refines classical techniques to harmonize ancient wisdom with contemporary living. His innovative approaches and keen insights have garnered recognition from esteemed grandmasters in Taiwan, further establishing his reputation as a leading authority in the field.

Join Daryl Huang on a journey to discover the untapped potential of your living space as he expertly guides you through the transformative power of Feng Shui. Let's unlock the secrets to aligning your environment with your destiny, opening your doors to a world of prosperity, balance, and fulfillment where ancient wisdom meets modern living.

"We have only one life,
one chance
make the best of it.




Interior Form
Feng Shui Seminar

Participants were given an unique opportunity to explore the principles and applications of internal form feng shui to influence the internal aspects of a space and its effect on personal well-being.

Unravelling Feng Shui
Through Interior Design

This design challenge offered students a comprehensive introduction to the historical, cultural, and philosophical aspects of Feng Shui. The event highlighted the role and relevance of Feng Shui in architectural and interior design practices, fostering an integration of social and cultural interests with the students academic pursuits.

Understanding Feng Shui in Contemporary Designs

Renowned industry experts engaged in a roundtable discussion, examining the correlation between authentic Feng Shui practices and space planning in design. Participants gained valuable insights into the significance of implementing Feng Shui principles to optimize design outcomes, fostering harmonious and purposeful environments.

Understanding BPI Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

Elevating financial well-being through a tailored Feng Shui consultation at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival where tradition meets the path to prosperity.

Hexagon Club's Online Experience

An event bridging celestial wisdom and practical energy alignment in 2024. Members explored the cosmic insights of Astrology, personalized career forecasts for each zodiac sign and fostering harmony with Feng Shui in 2024.

Manila Architecture Festival 2024

"REALIGNING GREATNESS" at the 4th Manila Architecture Festival by University of Santo Tomas (UST) Philippines. Students were provided with an introductory journey into Feng Shui and actionable insights on the application of classical Feng Shui.

We Strive to Create a
Better Tommorrow
Making a Difference

Master Huang’s professionalism and care on every detail from my initial consultation allowed me to make simple and effective changes to increase my good fortune and even the positive energy at home. I can only wish that I called and had set up the appointment sooner. I am recommending his services to my friends and family.


verified client of property online

We just got married so we want to start growing our family at a good start. This is why we felt that feng shui is a great way to help us especially that I just got promoted and my husband started a new business. I am amazed of Master Huang’s attention to details.

Ching and Garry

verified client of property online

I moved my family from Pampanga to BGC for work. It has only been 6 months but my wife and I have felt a huge difference. It just felt light around the house. Everything seems brighter and the mood is always positive. Thank you Mr. Huang. I felt like you have given us more advice that our money’s value. We really appreciate your help.

Santos family

verified client of property online
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