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Daryl Huang

A Feng Shui Destiny Consultant who embarked on his journey in Chinese metaphysics at a young age to pursue the mastery of Chinese metaphysics. Under the tutelage of legendary Feng Shui masters from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, he honed his high-level competencies in this ancient wisdom.

Huang takes pride in utilizing his expertise in Chinese metaphysics for over a decade, which has played a vital role in his success in investments and business ventures. In his free time, he serves as Property Online Asia Inc.'s principal consultant, specializing in Destiny and Feng Shui consultation.

Driven by his deep passion for knowledge, Huang researches and refines classical techniques to harmonize ancient wisdom with contemporary living. His innovative approaches and keen insights have garnered recognition from esteemed grandmasters in Taiwan, further establishing his reputation as a leading authority in the field.

Join Daryl Huang on a journey to discover the untapped potential of your living space as he expertly guides you through the transformative power of Feng Shui. Let's unlock the secrets to aligning your environment with your destiny, opening your doors to a world of prosperity, balance, and fulfillment where ancient wisdom meets modern living.


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Word of advice from Master Daryl it's worth a listen and really have a thought of my own life. and very responsive And He has very deep knowledge in this field. He is very patience and explain the meaning in details.


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Kudos and thank you to you, Master Daryl Huang for the spot on Bazi reading, giving proper guidance, pratical solutions and sound advice. May you continue to shine your light and be a blessing to more people.

For those considering a Bazi or Feng Shui consultation, I highly recommend Master Huang because of his dedication and passion for metaphysics. Most importantly, you can just feel that he is coming from a place of help

I have tried the services of other local foreign consultants before, but i can say Master Huang's a cut above the rest because of the way he truly cares for his clients you won't feel like you're just treated like a number. He's so generous in sharing knowledge and patient in giving very clear explanation about his recommendations, so even if you're new to metaphysics, you'll have a better understanding and appreciation of the process. Its all worth it.