Feng Shui Date Selection

Timing is everything. In some incidents, we have always heard someone speaking of being at the wrong place, wrong time. From sportsmen, investors, to those in dating scene, much emphasis is about doing the right thing at the right time. Question is when is the right time where prevailing energies are optimised for a particular event? Chinese metaphysics studies the aspiration of understanding the universe and cosmos through eras of recording of astrological and cosmological events and co-relate these observations that took place on earth. One instance is in the ancient classics, 协纪辨方书( book of unifying times and discerning dimensions), it also unified astronomy and astrology with map of stars, planetary movements with western astronomical data from Jesuits and has since been the basis for date selection engagements.

Services for residential and commercial:

  • Renovation Date/Time - ₱ 1,999
  • Construction Date/Time - ₱ 1,999
  • Move In Date/Time - ₱ 1,999
  • Official Opening Date/Time - ₱ 1,999

Required Information of Client

  1. Name, Date and birth time of all occupants (residential)

    Name, Date and birth time of business owner (commercial)

  2. Full address

  3. Tell us more by providing a prefered timeframe

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