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: 353 units found

: 353 units found

Popular Districts in Makati: Rockwell Center Legazpi Village Century City San Antonio Village Salcedo Village Makati Avenue Malugay Circuit Makati Ayala Avenue

Brio Tower


Php 40,000

Brio Tower


Php 40,000

Brio Tower


Php 23,000

The Proscenium Residences

Rockwell Center

Php 85,000

Greenbelt Madison

Legazpi Village

Php 30,000

Laureano De Trevi Towers


Php 17,000

The Manansala

Rockwell Center

Php 68,000

Knightsbridge Residences

Century City

Php 29,500

Quick Guide To Renting a Condo in Makati



The City of Makati is the main business capital in the country. The city serves as the headquarters of top local and multinational companies. 

Within the city are commercial centers, shopping malls, restaurants, historical and cultural sites, foreign embassies, and international organizations. 

Makati is the best place to live in. It has a lot to offer, from corporate jobs and teeming business complex to condominiums for rent. 


Why Live in Makati?

Residents of Makati can attest that the place is suitable for young or executive professionals and growing families. 

If you’re looking for a place to stay, you might consider getting a condo in Makati. Here’s why.



Makati City is a laid back community where its residents can wine, dine, and play at their own leisure. 

When you rent a condo here, you can enjoy your weekends without leaving the city. Everything is within reach. 

You can simply grab a quick lunch on your own. Meet your clients or friends in coffee shops. Chill out with your loved ones in parks and museums.



Transport infrastructure in Makati includes MRT, EDSA, PNR Line and SLEX. Metro Manila is very much accessible. 

Renting a condo in Makati gives you easy access to viable places to visit. 

In case of emergency, there are hospitals near you. 


Job opportunity

Living close to your work can save you money each year in fuel, car maintenance costs or transportation expenses. 

That’s why staying in Makati is worthwhile for the wide range of work-related opportunities you can take. Whether you belong in the corporate world, medical field, or showbusiness, Makati can cater to you. 

What Are The Benefits of Renting a Condo in Makati?

Getting a condo is not only for single, young and professionals. It is suitable for anyone even families. Even you can possess one. Here are the benefits of living in a condo in Makati.


Less maintenance

One of the perks of living in a condo is that other people maintain your place. Every condominium has someone assigned to every household task.  

You don’t need to personally maintain the grounds and fix water pipes and the likes. If you’re busy with work or travel, you wouldn’t have to deal with these chores and big repairs. 



Condominiums in Makati make security their top priority. Residents feel safe with the locked entries, doorkeepers and security personnel visible. 

Even if you’re living alone, you’ll feel protected from home break-ins. Since you’re living near other people, you’ll have plenty of people to turn to for help in case of emergencies. 



Many condo communities offer amenities within your reach. 

If you want a pool, a clubhouse or a fitness center, look for a condo in Makati offering this. 

Know what you want and get it by searching within the city. For sure, you’ll find one that lets you live the way you want to. 

Growing old in a condo lets you live close to your neighbors and get engaged within your community by attending activities.



In Makati, condominiums are often priced lower than single-family homes. 

When you rent a house, you’ll need to settle the lot and house itself. Take note that appliances and interior decorations are not yet included. Thus, adding up to your expense. 

On the other hand, you can secure your new home by simply getting a condo in Makati. Most condos for rent in Makati is strategically equipped with your basic needs. All you have to do is add up your personal touch to make it homey. 


Proximity to city life

Most condos are located close to vibrant areas making it more appealing. 

Residents can walk, bike and take public transportation easily wherever they want to go. 

You can make a quick stop to new restaurants, malls, and shows without fuss. 

Weigh your options before choosing which condo in Makati you’ll stay. Consider situations the way you want to live your home in the future. Are you living alone or staying with your family? Take note of the job opportunities that will let you grow professionally. 


Makati has a lot to offer and this includes the condominiums that will surely fit your likings.