Feng Shui:

Dragon Tiger

Landform Assessment

龍 虎 形 勢

Yangzhai Dragon and Tiger Formation can affect the interpersonal relationships, family status, marital harmony, and filial piety of children, as well as fortune, health, lifespan, lawsuits, and romantic relationships of the occupants. Therefore, the Dragon and Tiger Formation is essential when choosing a property.

This article aims to offer Feng Shui practitioners a more profound insight that is not commonly accessible in English-speaking settings. The content presented here is intended to be supplementary and requires a solid understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of Feng Shui. Therefore, it is best suited for individuals who possess a strong foundation in Feng Shui and seek to apply this knowledge to more complex and nuanced aspects of Feng Shui. This holistic approach ensures the outcome is harmonious and aligned with the intended objectives.

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