Life is a journey of ups and downs, twists and turns, and surprises. Our destiny is influenced by the interactions between different energies and forces in the universe. These energies are constantly in motion, shifting and changing in response to various factors, such as the star's and planets' positions, the moon's cycles, and the earth's movements.

As a result, there are times when our destiny is aligned with these energies, and everything falls into place effortlessly. However, there are also times when our future clashes with these energies, and we may encounter obstacles, challenges, or even unfortunate events.

One of the factors that can affect our destiny is our zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is associated with specific elements, directions, and energies; some characters may clash with others in particular years. This clash can create disharmony and disruption, leaving us powerless. So when you are about to face a period of difficulty, here is a notification and a guide to help you on your journey toward a smoother life.

Step 1

Find your zodiac. Please note that those born between 1st Jan-3rd Feb on any given year, zodiac follows the previous year. Example: Born on 16th Jan 1980, zodiac sign is the goat and not monkey.

Step 2

Check which years are your personal clash or harm years.

午未年有災 Horse (Clash) and Goat (Harm) years are bad.

羊午年有災 Goat (Clash) and Horse (Harm) years are bad.

申巳年有災 Monkey (Clash) and Snake (Harm) years are bad.

酉辰年有災 Rooster (Clash) and Dragon (Harm) years are bad.

戌卯年有災 Dog (Clash) and Rabbit (Harm) years are bad.

亥寅年有災 Pig (Clash) and Tiger (Harm) years are bad.

子丑年有災 Rat (Clash) and Ox (Harm) years are bad.

丑子年有災 Ox (Clash) and Rat (Harm) years are bad.

寅亥年有災 Tiger (Clash) and Pig (Harm) years are bad.

卯戌年有災 Rabbit (Clash) and Dog (Harm) years are bad.

辰酉年有災 Dragon (Clash) and Rooster (Harm) years are bad.

巳申年有災 Snake (Clash) and Monkey (Harm) years are bad.
Step 3

Resolve your year clash or year harm

For year clash: Carry a Taisui Talisman to resolve. Php 2,500 *Talisman is for one year. Instructions will be provided after purchase to void it after a year.

For year harm: Carry a Bei Di Protection Talisman to resolve Php 6,000

*Talisman can be used as protection even in non-harm years. Further instructions will be provided after purchase.

Master Huang personally consecrates all talismans.