What is Authentic Feng Shui

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一命,二运,三风水 (First Destiny, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui) is a famous saying in Chinese metaphysics. The four pillars of destiny refer to the four vital information given to us at birth. Year, Month, Day and Time which reveals the secrets about who we are in life.

The basic component is represented by the 5 elements- Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. The goal is to seek balance and harmony of the elements that represent us. Any in-balance would bring about sickness, misfortune and so on.

Destiny is decided by heaven which we cannot change. But we can change our luck decided by man, through awareness. We are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, what is favorable and unfavorable to us. And by acknowledging these, we seek change and improvements within ourselves.

The saying “Four Pillars of Destiny is the Diagnosis, Feng Shui is the Solution”.

Every one of us lives in an environment affected by different energies around us. Good energy can improve our health and prosperity. So, feng shui plays an important role in affecting the success of a person.

Authentic Feng Shui factors the destiny chart of every individual living within the property. This is to ensure an environment that favors all occupants as well as help each person achieves his/her unique aspiration.

Feng Shui Perspective on the Spratly Islands

The dispute for the Spratly Islands still continues among China, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Beijing claims almost all of the South China Sea and this has created animosity among neighboring countries. After being a silent giant for many decades, China is the rising power in the East.

Having laid low in the wake of the Qing era and more so by World War II, China has in recent times become more active in the surrounding seas. This is where feng shui plays a part.

The Spratly Islands are important for economic and strategic reasons. But more so for the reason of feng shui. The shape of China resembles a rooster. Yet, the complete picture is missing without the Spratlys.

Look at a map. You will see the Spratlys are the feet of the rooster. By establishing a claim on the islands the shape of the whole bird is formed.

Reclamation by Beijing allows the giant rooster to stand and function at its best.

Why hire a Feng Shui Master?

Accurate and correct measurements are the first and most important step in Feng Shui. Without accuracy, it becomes pointless.

Tapping into good energy is what Feng Shui seeks to achieve. It is just like a hose that when properly connected allows water to flow. Since most modern buildings are high-rise, can the energy flow correctly?

Most high-rise buildings are not conducive and receptive to such energy.

This is not hard to understand since the flow of energy from the earth has an upward resistance. Thus, those who live beyond certain floors of a high rise could primarily be influenced by other factors where a different set of measurements has to be applied.

There isn’t a one size fits all.

It is dependent if the property is in line with the mountain terrain's height that supplies good energy. Forms and visible structures are important in feng shui too and have to be taken into account.

Ancient feng shui texts clearly depict how certain settings, the kind of mountain formations or structures that contribute to the setting will have different outcomes. This is why it is advisable to seek a professional Feng Shui practitioner.